Dear visitor of the Drifting Centre!

We have good news! Following the recommendations of the Health Board and implementing the necessary safety requirements, Drifting Centre will reopen its doors to all drifting enthusiasts on 01.05.2020.

As there is still the emergency situation in Estonia due to the COVID-19 virus, there are certain rules, when visiting the Drifting Centre, from 01.05.2020:

1. You can visit the drifting centre ONLY by booking the time in advance, either by phone +372 5061773, via email: info@driftikeskus.ee or via Facebook.

2. 2+2 rules must be followed in the drifting centre. The centre is divided into different areas for this purpose.

3. If the doors are closed, please call +372 5061773. Keeping the doors closed is to avoid contact with other visitors to the centre.

4. Use hand disinfectants when entering, they are guaranteed by the Drifting Centre.

5. Please follow the instructions of the Drifting Centre staff exactly.

6. After each ride, we use a 5-10-minute break to disinfect the riding equipment and games.

7. Be sure to use disposable protective gloves provided by the Drifting Centre.

8. Failure to comply or intentional violation of the rules will result in the suspension of a further visit to the Drifting Centre.

The rules are set for as long as there is a formal emergency situation in Estonia with the aim of ensuring the safety of your health and stopping the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. The drifting centre reserves the right to impose more stringent protective measures if necessary, without prior notification.

Keep healthy!

NEW leisure centre in Tallinn

Punane street 6, Tallinn


Experience an

awesome ride!


What is a drift trike?

  • Electric engine bike
  • Front-wheel drive, tricycle
  • Speed up to 50km/h
  • Drifting capability
  • Exhaust fume free
  • Engine noise 0 db
  • Suitable for people over 1.4 m of height

The craziest indoor

drifting track


The track is built in a 1500m2 indoor hall. All children above the height of 1.4 m, adults and even seniors are welcome.

Experience positive emotions in our

Drifting Centre


Games room

Visitors of the Drifting Centre are welcome to play different games as they wait for their ride. We have corona, table football, billiard and different board games available. The more skillful guests can also try their hand at videogames.


Party Room

Come and celebrate a birthday, corporate event or any other social event with us! You can bring your own food and drinks or use the services of our partner Osvald Catering.



We have a modern and atmospheric cafe with different kinds of snacks, soft drinks and hot beverages available.

Come drift with friends and feel a great sense of freedom!