E-Gift Card


The Driftikeskus e-gift certificate is a suitable gift for a friend, family member, loved one, colleague, as well as cooperation partner. It is possible to select a suitable amount: starting from €10

Why choose a Driftikeskus  e-gift certificate?

E-gift certificate conditions

The gift certificate is valid in the Driftikeskus, Punane 6, Tallinn. The gift certificate will not be exchanged into cash. The difference will not be refunded, if the purchase remains below the value of the gift certificate. Additional money can be paid, if the purchase amount is greater.

How to order an e-gift certificate?

1. Prepare the order, by selecting a suitable gift certificate amount and quantity.

2. Pay for the ordered gift certificate. using the bank link suitable for you.

3. We will send to you by e-mail, the e-gift certificate after payment.

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Driftikeskus Gift Card

From 10,00 to 5.000,00

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